Roundtable | Condemned to success? Prospects of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in the energy sector

Ukraine is trying to rebuild after the war, but it is also making plans for transformation. This includes energy, which was one of the main targets of Russian shelling last winter.Ukraine's energy transition will not be unaffected by Poland. Where are the new areas of cooperation? Where do we see the greatest challenges? What do we risk in the worst-case scenario, and what can we gain in the best-case scenario? and which scenarios are the most realistic?

We answered these questions at a roundtable organized by Forum Energii and the College of Eastern Europe, inviting the most important experts working and researching in the field of energy and Polish Eastern policy, with the aim of exchanging experiences from these two areas and searching for Polish-Ukrainian synergies in the field of energy policy.

The introduction to the discussion was the latest policy paper of the College of Eastern Europe: "Rebuilding Better. How will the post-war Ukrainian energy sector affect Poland?" written by Maciej Zaniewicz, an expert at Forum Energii.

The meeting was held in the Chattam House format.

When: 21 February 2024