BOWE2X - offshore wind and hydrogen

Hydrogen and renewable energy technologies will be fundamental in reaching a carbon neutral economy. Through its strategies on hydrogen and offshore renewable energy, along with new financial incentives, the EU is planning to be the frontrunner in both sectors. We present the state of play report, which is a product of an international project entitled “Baltic Offshore Wind Electricity to Hydrogen, Synthetic Gas and Liquid Fuels in the Baltic Sea” (acronym: BOWE2X).


The project is financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Seed Money Facility and executed by a consortium of four partnering organisations:
1. The University of Greifswald from Germany,
2. The German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (Stiftung OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE),
3. The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Energikontor Sydost AB) and
4. Forum Energi (FE) from Poland.

The general aim of this document is to present the current status, future potential and barriers of power-to-X technology development (mainly focusing on green hydrogen powered by offshore wind). Particular attention is given to the Baltic Sea Region. The main goal of this report is to identify barriers that can be addressed by future projects in order to enable the dynamic development of both technologies.

Within this document green hydrogen and offshore wind technologies are described individually in separate chapters, with the focus on current status of development and future potential and policy background. Possible solutions of
coupling hydrogen and offshore wind were also analysed. Whenever possible, the information was provided for the EU level and for each of the Baltic Sea Region countries individually. Furthermore, the report provides a general outline
of the current pipeline of offshore wind and power-to-X technologies.


Date of publication: June 2021